VTR North

Podcast popularity streams growth opportunity

The development and improved capabilities of digital devices such as smart phones and tablets have, in recent years, removed the barriers to producing a range of media content, from photos to videos and voice recordings.

Yet according to Spencer Bain, Managing Director at Leeds-based VTR North, audio quality is critical for many businesses as part of their internal and external communications strategies to create authentic content.

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Digital Revolution under way at Involution

Digital transformation brings different benefits to businesses. One of the things that is almost universal is the time savings that come from introducing technology and building systems that automate day-to-day business processes.

Having made some serious progress on its own journey into the digital world, workwear and merchandising business Involution is feeling the time benefits and feeling increasingly bullish about future growth.

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Digital refreshment delivering success for vending business

Digital technologies have broken down the barriers to innovation and enabled businesses of all shapes and sizes to reinvent themselves.

For just a fraction of what it would cost without these tech tools, SMEs are now developing new products and services, accessing new markets, and finding new customers at a pace that would not have been possible previously.

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A lifeline for local high streets

Pre-pandemic, ShopAppy spent years promoting the importance of shopping local and supporting independent businesses. But as of 23 March 2020, their digital offering went from being optional to essential for retailers across the country.

Huge numbers of businesses were forced to close their shops completely, while others struggled with a significant fall in customer numbers through the adherence to the ‘stay at home’ message - and without any digital presence, the scale of the problem they faced very quickly became apparent.

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XR Games

Bringing young gamers’ career dreams to life

XR Games, established in 2017, has built a reputation as a leading specialist in full scale immersive augmented reality [AR] and virtual reality [VR] content, alongside games for PC, mobile and console, and works with some of the biggest brands in global technology. Its delivery of Angry Birds Under Pressure in 2019 was a critical success. It was voted by the public as a TIGA Game of the Year 2019 Finalist and awarded ‘Best for Entertaining the Kids’ by Forbes, alongside an array of other accolades.

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