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The development and improved capabilities of digital devices such as smart phones and tablets have, in recent years, removed the barriers to producing a range of media content, from photos to videos and voice recordings.

Yet according to Spencer Bain, Managing Director at Leeds-based VTR North, audio quality is critical for many businesses as part of their internal and external communications strategies to create authentic content.

Over the past few years, the podcast market has seen substantial growth and popularity which is only set to continue, and podcasts are now a key media source. Understanding the market need and growth potential VTR North made the strategic decision to invest in building a bespoke podcasting studio. By reconfiguring the space at their office in Leeds, VTR North can now offer clients a seamless service with a studio that allows up to four people to interact in person and external contributors are able to join in via a screen meeting (Zoom, Teams etc.), with both audio and visuals being recorded, as well as the possibility to live-stream.

“In a world where people are time poor internal and external communications are critical for businesses to share their messages with their audiences. Sharing these messages in a way that doesn’t interrupt what someone is doing but can be digested while doing other things is becoming more important.

“Podcasts are a great channel to address this challenge, and in recent years the appetite to produce and consume podcasts has grown, whether listening through headphones, smart speakers, laptops, or in the car” says Spencer.

Digital Enterprise awarded VTR North with a Digital Growth Voucher worth almost £10,000, which was used to purchase a range of hardware and software equipment to fit out the studio, including microphones, cameras, vision mixers, and the facility to live webcast.

Established in 2005, VTR North is an award-winning production company, and has worked with a raft of big brands including Sky Betting and Gaming, Channel 4, and alongside marketing agency IMA – Home with Jet2. From TV and radio commercials to Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) (re-recording audio) for Hollywood films and BBC dramas like Downtown Abbey, VTR North has vast experience of audio production.

The new podcast service has excited many of VTR North’s current clients, and as the podcasting market continues to grow it not only creates a new revenue stream for the company but the potential for additional jobs.

Commenting on Digital Enterprise, Spencer said:

“Being able to offer this podcasting service to clients creates another revenue stream for us, which is instrumental for the continued growth of the company, as well as hopefully creating a few more jobs at VTR North. The whole process with Digital Enterprise has been great from first applying to being assigned an Advisor. I knew what equipment I wanted for the studio, but it was great to have someone I could speak to about the application process to help guide me through it.”

Photography credit: Abi Miller

VTR North received support from Digital Enterprise 2.0. The programme was part funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and closed on 30 June 2023.

Digital Enterprise 3.0 began on 1st July 2023 and is funded by the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

At Digital Enterprise our purpose is to support businesses across West Yorkshire on their digital transformation journey. Enabling your business to improve performance, productivity and competitiveness, reduce environmental impact, and ultimately achieve sustainable growth by investing in digital.

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The development and improved capabilities of digital devices such as smart phones and tablets have, in recent years, removed the barriers to producing a range of media content, from photos to videos and voice recordings. Yet according to Spencer Bain, Managing Director at Leeds-based

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