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Your Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to the questions we get asked the most about using the Digital Enterprise scheme.

Or, if you can’t find an answer to your question here, email us via the contact page, we’d be happy to answer it.


How many times can I make a claim for voucher funding?

You can only claim once for the full value of the voucher amount that has been agreed by us - once you have purchased and recieved your item/s.

Can I access both strands of the programme?

Yes, businesses can access more than one strand of support - and can apply for our funding programmes (Digital Growth Voucher and Connectivity Voucher) or to participate on the Digital Knowledge Exchange.

Can I apply for a voucher for items that I have already ordered or paid for?

Unfortunately we cannot allow retrospective claims i.e. any items purchased or ordered through a supplier prior to the signing of a Funding Agreement with Digital Enterprise will be disallowed.

Will Brexit have any impact upon the delivery of the programme?

HM Treasury have agreed to underwrite any funding that may be at risk due to Brexit. Hence, the programme will be able to complete its delivery timeframe.

I have received funding through other Leeds city region Local Enterprise Partnership programmes, can I participate in this?

As long as the total value of support that you have received over the past 3 years is below €200,000 you will be able to participate in Digital Enterprise.

Why are certain sectors excluded from the Vouchers scheme?

Some sectors are supported by alternative EU funding programmes such Agriculture, Fisheries and Food – which receives funding from EAFRD (European Agriculture Rural Development Fund). Also, sectors such as Retailing are excluded as they are not considered to add value to the economy and simply lead to the displacement of expenditure. However, firms in the Retail sector are able to participate in the Workshops and Masterclasses strand of our programme.

Can a Digital Growth Voucher be used to pay for revenue (on-going) costs for IT/digital solutions i.e. SEO or digital marketing?

Digital Growth Vouchers can only pay for upfront cost for digital solutions – revenue costs are not eligible. Digital marketing charged upfront by a supplier e.g. as part of a web development project may be eligible and will need to be assessed by our Advisers for eligibility.

Can I apply for more than one Voucher?

Yes, businesses can potentially access more than one strand of support (Digital Growth Voucher, Connectivity+ Voucher and Digital Knowledge Exchange).  Businesses who are eligible for 12 hours support from our Digital Knowledge Exchange cannot reapply once this is completed. Businesses who have taken advantage of Digital Growth Voucher funding in a previous phase can apply for funding for a new project - however, vouchers available for previous successful applicants are limited.

Where do the workshops/masterclasses and mentoring sessions take place.

Our Digital Knowledge Exchange sessions take place regularly across the Leeds City Region and cover a wide range of subjects delivered by our team of digital experts. Further information on our future events can be found by clicking here

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